Sunday, June 15, 2014

Minivan Momma

Happy father's day!  The girls made breakfast in bed for John, and I got him a new car. Well, a "new to him" Ford Escape passed along from me, because I'm the proud new owner of a minivan. It's a 2012 Town & Country with 36,000 miles. The kids are super excited because it has two DVD players so they can each watch their own movie.  It's a vehicle built for road trips and we're excited to drive it to Wisconsin this summer.

A few others recent pics... Lucia went to a birthday party where the kids were transformed into puppies and Rapunzel stopped by. 
And Sophie started preschool! She and Lucia are going to Montessori three days a week this summer. She is pretty excited to finally be big enough for school. 

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Aunt Renee' said...

Hey Mr Glime, you finally got some sense!! haha
Sophie looks so happy to be heading off to school with her "nap sacK". Lucia makes the cutest puppy. I would adopt her. See you guys soon!