Thursday, December 19, 2013

Jingle Bells

Last night we went on a sleigh ride, complete with horses wearing jingle bells.  After the sleigh ride, we got dropped off at the North Pole and the girls had the chance to talk to Santa.  Lucia climbed right on his lap so she could tell him what she wanted (American Girl Julie and Playmobil Castle -- both different than what she has said she wanted for the last two months, much to Santa's dismay.)  Sophie was afraid and didn't want to sit on his lap, so Lucy told Santa that Sophie wanted a toy Christmas tree and a Woody doll.

Today we are getting a major snow storm, after a night of freezing rain.  Sophie and I took a snow day and spent the day snuggled up at home.  We read lots of books, which led to a discussion of which animals have tails.  Which led to Sophie's declaration that she has a diaper, not a tail.  But she would really like a tail so could we go to the store and buy one for her?  If anyone knows where to get a tail to fit an almost three-year-old, I'm in the market.


G'ma Glime said...

Aunt Renee will be able to help as she made some for Tom when he was small. Could it run in the family??

Aunt Renee' said...

OMG!!! Yes I can make you a tail, Sophie. You bring back many fun memories. Thom had tails made from Christmas beads, he had tails made from felt and fur, sometimes he just used a belt attached to his pants loop. You let me know. I keep wondering if Kayla or I will be making their baby any tails. Or will he/she think up a new idea. Can't wait to see you all. Are we still on for making a snowman?