Sunday, July 10, 2016

Katoomba, Days 7-9

We spent two nights in a cottage in a little town in the Blue Mountains called Katoomba.  Katoomba was cold. So, so, cold and windy.  We bought mittens and hats and bundled up in our warmest clothes to view a beautiful rock formation called the Three Sisters, which I don't have a picture of.  

Our friends from Bozeman took advantage of the same great tickets that we did, and they met up with us in Katoomba with their Campervan.  We did a short hike to the three sisters.  That's them up ahead.  I stayed back to take a picture.  Or maybe I stayed back because I didn't want to take that path across a 3,000 foot drop off.  Renee and Alex skipped this part to go shopping.  Right around this time I was thinking how smart they were.

We stayed in a cozy cottage with a wood burning fire, and a pair of cockatoos hung out all day on our porch.

The kids playing Twister.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Jenolan Caves, Day 6

Day six was a travel day, leaving the beach and travelling north east to the Blue Mountains.  These are not the best photos, but it's all I have on my phone right now.

John had to stop when he saw this crazy teeter-totter by the road.

Wombat crossing!

It was misty in the mountains.

Outside the entrance of the caves.

Blurry picture of the gang inside the caves.

Driving days are good for napping (or reading trashy mags)!

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Depot Beach, Day 4 & 5

Just a sample from Depot Beach! King parrots, kookaburras, and kangaroos by our porch.

Monday, July 4, 2016

NSW Coast & Kangaroo Valley, Day 3

South of Sydney, checking out a tide pool along the Great Coastal Highway.  We found lots of pretty shells and an octopus!

Cockatoos were very interested in our lunch.  There were 10-15 all around us.

John's first day driving on the other side.  "Stay left!"

Our farmhouse in kangaroo valley.
So many kangaroos.  And we saw a wombat too.  The girls were a little afraid, although the kangaroos didn't seem to care at all about us.

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Sydney, 1&2

We made it to Sydney! Here are a few images from our jet lagged first days. We toured the area around the Opera House and Harbour Bridge, took a ferry to Manly Beach, and spent a day at the Taronga Zoo. The girls are having a blast (and the grownups too).

Friday, June 17, 2016

Giraffe Encounter

We're squeezing in lots of summer fun before we head off to Australia (where it's winter) and then to Wisconsin (where it's probably winter too.)

The girls got feed a giraffe at the zoo last weekend!

And we met up with our friend Milo and his new baby brother, Simon, for an outdoor concert. 

Monday, June 6, 2016

Penney's Home Town

We hit the road last weekend for a camping trip in Wyoming.  The first stop was Fossil Butte National Monument which has some of the world's best preserved fossils.

The closest town, Kemmerer, is also home to the J.C. Penney Mother Store, founded by James Cash Penney in 1902.

You can also tour Mr. Penney's home.  Who knew?

The camping by Kemmerer wasn't the greatest, so we kept heading north and ended up in Jackson.  We found a great campground there and this view of the valley was steps away from our campsite.

Awesome campsite in Jackson.  Sophie is wearing her "R.V. There Yet?" shirt.

Future mountain biker:

And finally, when your daughter is not impressed by one of the world's greatest natural wonders: