Sunday, October 16, 2016


Even though John has given up on golf, doesn't mean the girls in the family have to.  We enjoyed a beautiful fall afternoon of mini golf and gocart rides.

Perfect form?!

Golf is frustrating.

Um, you're going the wrong way.

Lucia's tall enough to drive her own car on the rookie course.  She was a very cautious driver and got lapped many times by the other kids.  Sophie had to ride with me.  We also got lapped.

Monday, October 3, 2016


Update: Thanks to everyone who donated!  Lucia ran a mile and a half during the fun run, and all together the school raised over $28,000.

Support Lucia and John's school!  They are holding a fundraiser this week to raise money for school supplies and activities for the kids.  100% of proceeds go towards the school.

Some of the teachers and the principal did a skit at the school assembly to kick off the fun run.  Recognize anyone? 

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Spiral Jetty

On Saturday we drove to the northern edge of the Great Salt Lake to visit the Spiral Jetty for a community event to celebrate science and art.  On the way we passed right by the Golden Spike National Park, which is the location where the Union and Central Pacific railroads met in 1869 to form the first transcontinental railroad.

About 15 miles past the Golden Spike monument is the Spiral Jetty, an art installation that was made in 1970.  The water is at historic lows right now, so the entire jetty is exposed and it's a long walk to the edge of the Great Salt Lake.

Closer to the water the ground is covered in salt crystals.  And the water looks pink!

The girls collected a water sample and then later tested the salinity of the water.

There was also a place to paint with watercolors and salt. 

The girls tested their water samples and found out that in this part of the lake it's so salty that nothing can live in it, not even the brine shrimp that live in the other side of the lake (the lake is divided in two parts by a causeway).  It's a long drive out to the jetty, but definitely worth it if you've never been!

Thursday, September 29, 2016

TBT to Summer Vacation

There's not too much happening around here these days to write about, so I thought I post a few more photos from summer vacation.  

Sailing on Loon Lake:

Being silly with the cousins:


We stopped at Lambeau on the way back to Utah, and ran right into training camp.


And a bunch of other Packers!

Sunday, September 18, 2016


We went down to the desert this weekend to camp and hike in Goblin Valley State Park in central Utah.  I had never been there before, and fall is the best time to visit the desert because the temperature drops a bit.  We did a beautiful hike through a slot canyon, and the girls hiked four miles without really complaining.  It was a nice reminder of what a beautiful state we live in, and that we should get out an spend time in these amazing places that are so close to home.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Class of 2029

Sophie was so excited to start kindergarten!  She told me she had a great day and it was so much better than preschool.  Here she is in the morning before school, wearing her new cat outfit.  She even wrote her own sign (with help on the spelling).

We also did a first day of school questionnaire, and these are some of the highlights for Sophie:
Height: 44"
Weight: 43 1/2 lbs
Best Friend: Zoe
Favorite Color: Pink
When I grow up want to: be a baker
Something I really like: Mermaids
Favorite thing about myself: Color of my eyes (green)

Sunday, September 4, 2016


We had a great visit this week with Grandma Lauren.  We all went to the zoo on the weekend, and Sophie got to go shopping and to the park and to an open house at her school.  And on Friday afternoon we went for a hike to see a waterfall.

Yesterday we went to Ikea and organized the girls' room, and sorted through bins and bins of toys.  Since Grandma was in the mood for projects, we decided to fix up the little garden in front of the house that was looking pretty sad.  We started with a trip to Home Depot for supplies:

The before picture of my sad phlox:

After picture with new mums and mulch!